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Health & Harmony Crystals

share our love of all things spiritual

Coming from spiritual families, between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We wanted to share our love of all things spiritual, so we created Health and Harmony Crystals where we aim to assist you to reconnect with the soul, harmonise, heal and find inner peace.

We do this by offering a range of spiritual items that help you rediscover your inner self and promote a healthier mind body and spirit.

We have a large range of beautiful crystals each promoting wonderful powers to guide you on your own personal journey. Each stone has its own energy which will help you to achieve your individual needs, be it healing, love, guidance, clarity or protection there is a stone for you.

Health and Harmony Crystals aims to provide you with all the information about each crystal, their influence and how to use them correctly in order to maximise their strength.

With love

Lesa and Hazel