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Crystal Geodes

Welcome to Health and Harmony Crystals! A crystal geode is an amazing rock formation that occurs naturally in volcanic or sedimentary rock. Geode stones look like any other semi-spherical rock on the outside, but they're hollow, and their inner cavity is filled with mineral materials and crystals.

The most common type of crystal geode is the quartz geode, which is usually lined with beautiful quartz crystals. However, other types of crystal geodes – such as amethyst geodes – can also be found. As crystal geodes are fairly common, they can often be found for sale at rock shops or gem shows. They make beautiful display pieces, and their inner cavities can be filled with water to create crystal gardens. Crystal geodes when split show a beautiful geodes which require a hammer or chisel to break open (thankfully - ours come presplit so you don't need to do this yourself!). Once they're broken open it's immediately evident that the inner cavity is lined with beautiful crystals. They can vary widely in size, with some being less than an inch in diameter while others reach several feet across.

Amethyst geodes are often called "friendship stones" because they are thought to promote friendship and love. It is said that if you keep one half of an amethyst geode with you, and give the other half to a partner, relative, or friend, then the two of you will always be connected.

Quartz geodes are thought to promote creativity and knowledge, and increase overall well-being. Many find crystal geodes very comforting, believing that they can attract love into their lives. It is said that placing a crystal geode on your home will bring. Crystal geodes make beautiful display pieces, and their inner cavities can be filled with water to create crystal gardens. There really are endless opportunities to appreciate crystal geodes and the beauty they bring. Whether you're a collector, someone who loves natural wonders, or simply appreciate the unique, crystal geodes are definitely a must-see! There is no right or wrong way to enjoy them – set them up however you'd like! If you're looking for a unique and beautiful gift, a crystal geode is the perfect option. Health and Harmony Crystals is proud to offer a wide selection of crystal geodes, so be sure to check out our collection today!

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